Movie Night at church

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Movie Night at church was created by TheLegacy
When I was much younger we had a sunday night movie happening. All the congregation sat below while I was in the balcony with this girl and her friend. Ended up I was rubbing their clits until my hands were sore stretched out but they were reaching into my pants and slowly rubbing the head of my penis.

Being younger there was a great deal of precum and their wet hands were making it difficult for me to last until I exploded all over myself. They continually wiped my cum off and onto my cock over and over while I continued to rub them until they got off.

Afterwards when the lights turned on I noticed that my whole pants crotch looked like I pissed on myself as did theirs.

They took off immediately - probably went to the girls bathroom then out the door not wanting anyone to see their moist pants and be embarrassed.

For me - I was left driving home with my parents attempting to explain that I spilled water from the fountain on me but my face was still to red from being horny.

Sadly never saw them again - the girls I mean - not my parents.

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