The Top Safety Tips For Cam Models

The current situation we’re all in has made a lot of people consider streaming live shows for a living. That’s not bad at all! There are several types of streaming one can do, but we’re here to talk about the adult industry, specifically about live cam shows.

Becoming a cam model isn’t that difficult, but there are some things you should know before you start streaming your first show. You’ll need decent equipment, great lighting (this is probably the most important thing about camming), and you’ll need to make sure that your real identity is hidden at all times, and here’s why.

Camming we’re talking about is considered to be a part of the sex industry. There are thousands of models out there and millions of viewers that go online every day to watch their favourite models in action. With such a large audience, it’s expected to run into a few issues from time to time and because some people create illusions in their head, you should always hide your true identity and personal information.

Use Social Media, But Don’t Use Social Media

This title can sound extremely confusing so let us explain what we mean. Cam girls and other sex-industry workers need to hide their private profiles from social media so a small number of driven individuals couldn’t get near you. Like any other job, being a cam model can be risky, especially because people tend to get emotional when they shouldn’t. After seeing the same cam girl for a few times and having one-on-one sessions, some people start thinking that the model isn’t just being nice but that she’s getting emotionally involved with him/her. Unfortunately for them, in most cases, that’s not true. Being nice and fulfilling their wishes is the model’s job!

Private social media accounts should either be put on private or deleted altogether. If your patrons come across your private profile, there’s a good chance they’ll learn something about you that they shouldn’t. When we say that you should use social media, we mean that you should create your “business profile” that will be focused on promoting your cam sessions. Using different social media to promote your business is a very powerful tool and if you’re interested in becoming a successful cam model, you’ll need to use all social media as much as possible. It’s very important though to keep your personal information as private as possible.

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Restrict Access To Your Shows For Viewers Near You Or Places Where You Know A Lot Of People

Almost every cam site offers this option to cam girls. Restricting access to locals where you live is something you should always do because it can easily happen that someone you personally know comes across your shows. Allowing people who don’t live near you to watch your shows decreases the possibility to have unpleasant situations.

Restricting access to some viewers will help you keep your privacy, but there are also a few more things YOU need to do or avoid doing to stay safe. The cam business is focused on the interaction between the model and the viewers. Many of them are ready to pay a certain amount of money to have one-on-one contact with you and they can ask some questions that you’ll answer to by including some personal information or information about local events or places. Even the slightest bit of information can give up your real identity which can bring you stalkers and all kinds of unpleasant situations.

With Experience, You’ll Find New Ways To Be Safe

At the beginning of your cam model career, you’ll likely make mistakes when it comes to your privacy or safety. Thankfully, it’s not common that a new model has thousands of viewers right away, but as you gain more experience, you’ll find it easier to keep track of what you say and what you do.

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