Guide To Camming

Camming isn’t something that’s just become popular. Camming is present since the internet became available to the masses. Once people discovered they can connect with people around the world, the first cam sites were developed.

The first webcam sites were online in the late 90s and early 2000s. It started by accident and quickly turned into a multi-billion dollar business model embraced by companies around the globe.

Becoming A Cam Model

Many girls don’t even try becoming a cam model because they’re certain it’s a very complicated process. Becoming a model is pretty easy, but making money off of it can be quite challenging. There are currently thousands of cam sites on the internet, and choosing the right one to join is a very important thing for first-time cam girls.

To become a cam girl, all you need to do is register your profile on one of the many cam sites available online. Registering an account for streaming is usually free, but make sure you check first. The registration process usually doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes and if you already set up your webcam, you’re ready to start streaming.

Choosing The Right Cam Site

For first-time cam models, it can be quite overwhelming to find one ideal cam site to join. That’s why most models start with registering to a couple of cam sites until they’re sure which one fits them best. That’s one way you can choose a cam site, but a much better solution would be to do some research on the cam sites you think would be best for you.

Depending on what kind of cam shows you’re interested in streaming, you’ll find cam sites that are focused on that type of content. Some models only chat with their patrons while others provide more visual stimulus to their viewers. Some cam models even bring in their partners to join them and some use sex toys and remote vibrators (Lovense) that work based on the tips the model gets. The more tips you get, the more intense vibrations you’ll feel.

When you consider every factor, you’ll come up with a much shorter list of cam sites that would fit you perfectly.

Work When You Want For As Long As You Want

The great thing about camming is that it can be a full-time career. Some cam girls make up to five figures PER MONTH, depending on how much time they spend camming during the week. Five figures can be achieved with as little as 15-20 hours a week.

None of the most popular cam sites has restrictions against how much time a model can spend camming with her patrons. Models only need to follow the rules when it comes to camming and they can stream all day if they want. You can choose the time that suits you most, but keep in mind that people usually visit cam sites in the late afternoon or closer to midnight. There are viewers in the morning as well, but much less than in the evening.

Choose What Kind Of Cam Girl You Want To Be

When you start getting fans and regular patrons to your profile, you should always stick to the idea you started with. Whether it’s just talking to your fans or doing full hardcore sex-shows, stick to it. People like coming back to cam girls when they know what they’ll be able to see. If you change the type of shows you offer every once and again, people probably won’t subscribe to your profile and you’ll never be able to improve the number of regular visitors to your profile.

No matter what kind of cam girl you want to be, stick to it and push forward in making the best out of it!